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Sonya Lennon among five individuals named by LinkedIn News Europe

International Women’s Day arrives at a time when compounding crises have set back global progress toward closing the gender gap. Working women in Europe are on average paid 13% less per hour than men according to Eurostat, which means they effectively work for free for almost two months out of the year. Organisations will need to step up, not least because the EU has been adopting various landmark rules to promote gender fairness in the workplace.

Sonya Lennon

How women can ask for more money and make that money grow

Money is a peculiar concept, a social construct. It was created to convey and exchange value. Our money mindset comes in two parts: our ability to make it and our ability to make it work for us. And for that, we have to believe we deserve it. For a lot of us, talking about money makes us feel a bit icky. Stop that now, it’s why you get out of bed every morning.


Bias & Judgement

My daughter has spent the last eight months on Roaccutane to improve her skin, as she was suffering from breakouts of acne. Any parent who has decided to go through this treatment knows it is a tough drug to take or watch someone you love to take.
The side effects are brutal, changes in mood, excessive dryness, nosebleeds and, in some cases, induced depression. At every step of the process, we gave our daughter an opt-out, stop at any time. But the remarkable effects on the skin were enough to want her to endure with close monitoring. But that wasn’t all she had to deal with.

The HR Room Podcast

International Women’s Day – with Sonya Lennon The HR Room Podcast

Sonya is a designer, businesswoman, and advocate for equality. She has successfully re-positioned from fashion girl to broadcaster to social entrepreneur. Her funny and gripping take on life is underpinned by a drive for everyday empowerment and inspiring stories of bursting through the boundaries of fear.

The Lennon Courtney Podcast

Who’s the sociopath next door?

Episode caveat: We are not psychologists or psychiatrists or experts in this week’s chosen topic. You should always consult a qualified professional for information on mental health and when seeking medical diagnosis. With all that said however, this week, we present you with The Thinking Woman’s Guide to…Who is the Sociopath in your Life? We want to know what makes someone a sociopath, what the differences are between a sociopath and a psychopath and how we can spot them hiding in plain sight. We also talk about social vampires, the harm that sociopaths can cause plus we explain what an F.L.K is. We hope you enjoy it.

Sonya brings her head and heart to Diversity and Inclusion. Her unique ability to communicate an engaging and compelling message helps break down the barriers that exist in every organisation, no matter how well-intentioned.

— David Lawlor, President, Kellog's Europe

Have you got some convincing to do?

Twelve Minutes of Leaders Logic Towards an Inclusive Company Culture is a mini-compendium of the best DEI research out there.

If you want to start or accelerate your Inclusivity transformation, this mini-book is a trove of research backed proof points to bring others with you. Arm yourself with the facts and figures that will make everyone sit up, listen and take action.

  • The value of a highly engaged workforce
  • Why inclusion is about everybody
  • Why it takes everybody to make real change