Sonya Lennon


‘I see myself as a positive hand grenade, a catalyst for new thinking.’

Sonya Lennon is a prominent keynote speaker and skilled MC, a designer, businesswoman and multi-award-winning social entrepreneur. Sonya has recently completed a Masters in Business Equity, Diversity & Inclusion and works at board and senior leadership level to advance inclusive work cultures.

Through her drive for workplace equality, she has spoken at a national and European level, and global conferences.

Sonya’s style is marked by wit and high engagement, backed by the cold hard facts of what makes business better for everybody to thrive.

Keynote Speaker

Sonya is regularly booked by companies who want to inspire their leadership teams or wider employee group. Sonya speaks about leadership, entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion and personal empowerment. She draws on a successful and varied career using storytelling to engage and deliver impact.

Popular talks include

  • Think Like an Entrepreneur
  • From Fashion Girl to Equity Advocate – My Repositioning Story
  • Why Equitable Workplaces Matter

Thank you Sonya Lennon for your world class facilitation of the session. As the principle sponsor of the event, AIB Merchant Services were throughly blown away with your seamless performance that really elevated the experience for all.

— John Hoolahan, Senior Business Leader AIB Merchant Services


Sonya is a practised and skilled MC, regularly returning to annual events for clients. Her skill lies in disseminating information and encapsulating it in bitesize chunks, ensuring that audiences leave with clear messaging. A natural empath, Sonya allows speakers the space and protection to feel comfortable and open to a live audience. She is tireless, warm and intelligent in her delivery.

Congratulations to Sonya and everyone at Dress for Success on hosting this event and on all your activities this past year. Your interesting, innovative and inspirational leadership is making a difference. The best ideas do not emerge out of thin air – they come from debate, discussion and the honest sharing of views.

— Leo Varadkar, Former Taoiseach (Premier) of Ireland


Sonya works at a high level to guide strategy and delivery for equitable workplaces. She also oversees many proven tools and processes to embed behaviour change and cultural progress.

  • Board Briefings
  • DEI Audits
  • DEI programmes
  • DEI Internal & External Communication
  • Unconscious Bias Training

Permanent TSB has worked closely with Sonya and the team at Work Equal over the past two years. I have personally found the process to be hugely helpful and insightful as we strive to achieve gender balance at all levels throughout the organisation. At all times I knew that Sonya worked in alignment with our strategic priorities and was mindful of the sensitivities of all stakeholders.

— Eamonn Crowley, CEO, PTSB

Have you got some convincing to do?

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