Sonya Lennon
Sonya Lennon

Sonya Lennon: ‘I was teetering on the brink of burnout, horrendous physical and mental burnout’

'I remember being brutalized, thinking that Brendan was going to have a stroke before my eyes - we were in bits.'

I grew up in an extraordinary household where there was love and laughter and freedom. My parents were very forward-thinking.

I was born in Donegal. My dad was the first man in the county who’d ever been at the birth of a child. There was a nun who was the head sister on the ward at the time and said to him ‘we’ve never seen this before.’ To celebrate, she took him out for a pint.

My mum now has dementia and is in residential care since lockdown. She was a total firebrand who always worked – as cabin crew for Aer Lingus and then as a guide. Her two mantras were always; ‘have running-away money’ and “if you’re not part of the decision-making, you’re not part of the solution.’

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