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Sonya Lennon

Workplace lessons from the world’s most gender-equal country – and the coolest

Sitting like meerkats, directly behind the driver and guide of a 50-seater bus, on the way to seek the Northern Lights, four politicians and equality ...
Insights Sean O'Rourke

Sonya Lennon – Insights with Sean O’Rourke

Sonya Lennon is a fashion designer, social entrepreneur, broadcaster and business woman. She tells Sean how it all began in her career, about her inspirational ...
Sonya Lennon

Sonya Lennon: ‘I was teetering on the brink of burnout, horrendous physical and mental burnout’

I grew up in an extraordinary household where there was love and laughter and freedom. My parents were very forward-thinking. I was born in Donegal. ...
Sonya Lennon

How women can ask for more money and make that money grow

Money is a peculiar concept, a social construct. It was created to convey and exchange value. Our money mindset comes in two parts: our ability to ...
Real Health by Karl Henry

Life Lessons with Sonya Lennon on Real Health with Karl Henry

Sonya Lennon is a woman who wears many hats. Mother of twins, broadcaster, stylist, fashion designer and an entrepreneur. Sonya joins Karl as part of ...
The Entrepreneur Experiment

Sonya Lennon on The Entrepreneur Experiment

Join the conversation with the indomitable Sonya Lennon, as she shares the riveting story of her entrepreneurial voyage, which weaves together fashion innovation and profound ...

Sonya brings her head and heart to Diversity and Inclusion. Her unique ability to communicate an engaging and compelling message helps break down the barriers that exist in every organisation, no matter how well-intentioned.

— David Lawlor, President, Kellog's Europe

Have you got some convincing to do?

Twelve Minutes of Leaders Logic Towards an Inclusive Company Culture is a mini-compendium of the best DEI research out there.

If you want to start or accelerate your Inclusivity transformation, this mini-book is a trove of research backed proof points to bring others with you. Arm yourself with the facts and figures that will make everyone sit up, listen and take action.

  • The value of a highly engaged workforce
  • Why inclusion is about everybody
  • Why it takes everybody to make real change