Sonya Lennon
The Entrepreneur Experiment

Sonya Lennon on The Entrepreneur Experiment

Designing The Formula for Lifelong Resilience

Join the conversation with the indomitable Sonya Lennon, as she shares the riveting story of her entrepreneurial voyage, which weaves together fashion innovation and profound social impact.

Sonya is the founder of Lennon Courtney, co-founder of Lift Ireland and founder of WorkEqual.

Our discussion unravels the complexities of brand development, the agility necessary in the face of business challenges, and the insightful moments of adaptability that redefine an entrepreneur’s path.

Sonya’s candid reflections on managing multiple businesses, including the tech venture Frockadvisor, serve as a masterclass in resilience.

Wrapping up our exploration, we reflect on the indispensable role diversity plays in leadership and business, examining the nuances of women in senior roles and the risks current political climates pose to gender progress.

This episode is not just a narrative of personal triumph and societal contribution; it’s a rallying cry for leaders and changemakers to seize the mantle of responsibility and drive the change they wish to see in the world.

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