Sonya Lennon

Speaker. Writer.
Thought leader.
Social entrepreneur.

Speaker. Writer.
Thought leader.
Social entrepreneur.

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A seasoned broadcaster, communicator and polished MC, Sonya delights in holding a room together, driving home the key messages and encapsulating take outs.

Sonya is passionate about sharing her own story of growth and empowerment. Equipping the audience with practical tools to control the controllable and manage the uncontrollable in work and life.
Sonya Lennon
Sonya Lennon
Sonya Lennon

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I experienced Sonya’s ability to combine her razor-sharp intellect and intuition on a Leadership programme over several months. Sonya has an exceptional ability to lead you to ask yourself the right questions and to bring creative and clear focus to your thinking and your strategic intent.

— Catherine Moroney, Head of Business Banking, AIB


Sonya has been a columnist for The Irish Times, an agony aunt and a generous sharer of her own experience and learnings. Her mini-book, Twelve Minutes of Leaders Logic towards an Inclusive Culture, is compelling and engaging, peppered her trademark wit and accessible approach.

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I’m at my happiest when I’m communicating to create positive impact. Speaking internationally, I excite and inspire by drawing on my career experience as an entrepreneur, social entrepreneur, and advocate for equitable workplaces. I’ve won multiple awards for the work that I do and recently completed a Masters in Business Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.

Have you got some convincing to do?

Twelve Minutes of Leaders Logic Towards an Inclusive Company Culture is a mini-compendium of the best DEI research out there.

If you want to start or accelerate your Inclusivity transformation, this mini-book is a trove of research backed proof points to bring others with you. Arm yourself with the facts and figures that will make everyone sit up, listen and take action.

  • The value of a highly engaged workforce
  • Why inclusion is about everybody
  • Why it takes everybody to make real change